Omega Game Framework 1.0 RELEASED! (Also Guilded Server)

Salutations once again, everybody! It's Caius. Got several updated for you today.

Omega Game Framework v1.0 RELEASED!

At long last, the Omega Game Framework for Unreal Engine is finally out. Thank you all SO much for your patience in it's development. I'm thrilled to finally be ready to share it with you all.

Now, unfortunately, Omega will not be released on the Unreal Marketplace just yet. I was very much hoping for it, but do to a few reasons regarding licensing and marketplace requirements, that simply is not a possibility quite yet. I'll be working to get this sorted out for a future release, however!

So instead, Omega Game Framework can be downloaded from the Studio SyndiCat website, or alternatively, from it's GitHub page. Documentation is available as well on how to go about downloading and installing the project, as well as using it.

Omega has greatly assisted my own development pipeline, and I hope the same can be said for you all as well. It'll be regularly working on updating it as needed, fixing bugs and adding feature, so be sure to let me know any and all feedback you have.

Guilded Server

Studio SyndiCat has a new Guilded server that will act as the hub for updates, documents, and feedback on our project going forward. For those who do not know, Guilded is a server-based community & messaging app and website. It is similar to apps such as Skype or Discord, however it offers a host of additional features to creators, such as Forums, Update Channels, Documents, and a lot more. Additionally it allows for sub-servers to be created within one main server.

Now for our discord members, don't worry, we won't be abandoning discord. However, Discord will act as more of a discussion forum for Studio SyndiCat projects (as it currently does), while Guilded will be for more official information and support.

You can view the server publicly here, or if you would be prefer to join, you may do so here as well.

Thank you once again everybody for supporting my work! As always, more to come in the future!

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