Story & Features (The Orpheus Project - Update #1)

Hello all! It's Caius. Back with the first developer update on The Orpheus Project. Today, we will give you a taste of the story, and the features to expect in the game.


AD 2045. Earth is ravaged by a catastrophic event the survivors would come to call the "Red Cataclysm". Demonic beings of unknown origin overran the planet, reducing the global population by 90%.

In the decades that passed, under the protection of the mystical "Light Trees", humanity has learned how to survive in this dangerous new world, with magically enhanced soldiers at their side.

Deep in the remains of the former United States lies the city-state of Columbios. It is here an experimental force is born with the hope that they may one day lead humanity to take back their world. This operation came to be known as...



  • Play as male or female character. Certain story events will change depending on your choice.

  • Varied cast of squad maters, each with unique weapons, abilities, & personalities.

  • Build relationships with your squad mates and fellow members of Orpheus. The trust you form with your allies will carry you to victory.

  • Undertake fast-paced FPS missions with 2 of your squad mates by your side. Learning to reflexively juggle your teams abilities with be key to victory.

Work-in-progress character models.

Look forward to more updates in the near future!

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