Super RPG Framework 1.41 - Editor Tools & Unreal Showcase

The Super RPG Framework is now 40% off on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and has been selected as part of Epic’s monthly Unreal Showcase! Alongside this, version 1.41 of SRPGF has been released which, in addition to the usual bug fixes, comes with one big update: Editor Widgets.

Three new Custom Editor tools have been added to make your project management easier: Asset Database, System Editor, and Types Editor.

  • Asset Database is a widget that allows for quickly finding and modifying the various asset types that your project uses (E.G. party members, inventory items, encounters, etc.)

  • System Editor is used to modify various elements of the different systems included with the framework, from the Core RPG engine, to the Battle System & more.

  • Types Editor is a menu that lists out all the type enumerations for easy access that you can safely modify for your own project. (E.G. Stats, Item Types, Factions, etc.)

For those who have already started using SRPGF with a previous version, implementing the Editor Tools into your project is an easy project. Simply create a new template project from SRPGF, and copy the folder “EditorTools” from Content>SuperRPGFramework into the same directory in your game. From there simply run the three Editor Widgets found in that folder (RPG_Database, RPG_Systems, RPG_Types).

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