Super RPG Framework 2 Alpha Release, and

Salutations, everybody! I have several big announcements for you all today.

Super RPG Framework Alpha Release Date

I’m happy to announce that the alpha of Super RPG Framework 2 will be released THIS FRIDAY, March 26th for FREE. It will be available for download in plugin form from my Github.

With this, you will all have access to its features and in return, I would love to get as many questions, suggestions, and feedback from you as possible to continue making.

Keep in mind SRPGF2 is still very much a work in progress, and many elements are bound to change. If you intend to use it now for more than just testing features out, be sure to keep backups of your project (and if you’re feeling extra anxious, the plugin itself, as I’m not yet decided on what features will change.)

Also, note SRPGF2 will require the use of several Unreal plugins that are either built into the engine directly or available online or on the marketplace. All plugins will be free and a list of required ones will be kept up to date on the plugin’s documentation.

Super RPG Framework v1 Price cut

I will also be permanently reducing the cost of SRPGF v1 from $60 to $40 on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. While I am still undecided on the exact price and distribution method for the SRPGF2 plugin when it is finally fully released, it seems only fair to make access to the older version easier for those interested. and supporting my work

Lastly, I am launching a page. For those of you who do not know, is a community-based site for supporting content creators. Think of it as a combination of Patreon & Reddit.

My plan is to post further major updates on projects here, so be sure to join the page for updates. And, if you enjoy the content that I produce, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider supporting my work monetarily there. If I get enough support to maintain myself, my goal would be to eventually release ALL my game development tools completely free.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported my work so far! I hope you enjoy what the future has to offer. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys!

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