Super RPG Framework - Version 1.4 Released!

The latest version of Super RPG Framework (1.4) is now live. It features include:

  • A new Relationship System for adding conditions in you game based on the players relationship with different custom entities.

  • Folder & Data Reorganization intended to modulate the different systems & features to make project management easier.

  • Improvements to the bp_SystemManagers to help with managing code & game systems like combat, or dialogue.

  • Use of PrimaryDataAssets replacing the custom objects. This allows you to get data from things like party members and items more easily, without the need to get class defaults, or construct objects.

  • New Custom UI Elements allowing to you change up the look of your project with ease.

  • Further Code Optimization to make things cleaner and easier to understand.

Additionally, with this latest update, full documentation is being released and will be updated regularly with the Framework.

If you haven't already, you can get the Super RPG Framework on the Unreal Marketplace and on Gumroad.

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