The Orpheus Project! (And what's happening with Project Sol)

Hello. This is Caius Nelson. I'm here to let you know about an exciting new project in development from Studio SyndiCat:

The Orpheus Project

Is this Project SOL?

First off, clarification. This is not Project Sol. Sol is my baby, and I can guarantee you it's still on the development track. The problem is, some technical and design issues have forced me to reassess the feasibility of completing the game to the scale and quality I have locked down in a reasonable amount of time. In order to make sure the game is something truly special, and allow me more time to work on it, I have placed it on hold for the time being, to focus on a new more manageable game:

Enter "The Orpheus Project"

What is The Orpheus Project?

The Orpheus Project is a hybrid game of an old-school fast-paced FPS, merged with light RPG & Visual Novel elements, to create something small scale, but fresh and exciting.

The game is inspired heavily by a classic style of fact-paced shooters of the 90s & early 2000s, where the goal is to constantly be moving forward and playing aggressively. This is merged with a squad-based mechanic, allowing you to swap back and forth between 3 different characters at will, each with their own weapons and abilities, merged with light elements of visual novel & relationship building makes for a style of shooter previously unseen.

With a full prototype nearly complete, and a scale more manageable for a current 1-3 man team, this is a project that can and will be developed and released in a reasonable span of time.

More info and screenshots on The Orpheus Project will be coming in the near future to give a better idea of what the project will entail. In the meantime, I appreciate all the support I have gotten from my small following so far, and I hope to continue to impress you in the future.

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